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Development Standards

Development Standards

Fire departments and fire companies are required to respond to a variety of emergency events in various buildings and facilities. Buildings and facilities include one- and two-family dwellings, apartments and condominiums, shopping malls, business complexes, industrial complexes, storage buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing and care facilities, parking ramps and outdoor storage areas.

Emergencies include aid calls that require the service of an ambulance, hazardous materials releases, water rescues, confined space rescues, high angle rescues and fires involving many large fire vehicles and numerous personnel. To be effective, fire departments and fire companies must be able to reach all buildings and facilities within the reach of their apparatus and equipment, and once there have the water supplies necessary to control and extinguish a fire.

These fire protection development standards are in accordance with the International Fire Code®, which gives the Fire Chief or Fire Code Official broad latitude to set rules and regulations affecting fire access roads, water supplies and the built environment.

These standards are written to provide owners, developers and designers a clear and consistent set of guidelines for developing property to meet fire and life safety needs. By having this information beforehand, the owner can anticipate and plan for the requirements, rather than being subject to the vagaries of individual code officials or fire chiefs and their interpretations of the building and fire codes and standards. These rules and regulations are intended to provide predictability, consistency and clarity for property owners.

These rules and regulations cannot anticipate every conceivable design or use. In unique or extraordinary circumstances, the fire department and code official should be consulted to discuss alternatives to these standards.