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On September 5, 1958 petition was filed with the County Auditor of Cass County to form a rural fire protection district to be known as Horace Rural Fire Protection District.  On October 24, 1958 it was declared to be perfected and completed and the Horace Rural Fire Protection District was formed. The first order of business was to elect a temporary Chairman. Mr. Robert Brink was voted by unanimous vote as the temporary Chairman.  Next order of business was to elect a temporary Secretary, which was chosen to be Mr. Elder Trom.

In March of 1959 the first District Board was formed, consisting of, Board President Robert Brink, Board Vice President Harold Hemkin, Secretary-Treasurer Adolph Johnson, Director Anthony Richard and Director Rudy Eggert.  All three townships within the fire district were duly represented by the Board of Directors. Also in 1959, the first Horace Fire Hall was built. The Horace Rural District Fire Department was issued its first Certificate of Fire Department Existence in 1959.

Over the years there have been many changes made in the Horace Fire District, the fire hall has changed, the people have changed, but the primary purpose has remained the same, to protect our community.