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Recreational Burning


Recreational Fires

  • Recreational fires cannot be located within 25 feet of a structure (including decks and fences) or other combustible materials
    • All fires shall be within an approved container.
    • Bonfires are NOT permitted
  • Open burning shall be prohibited within the city limits.
  • Any fire that is considered unsafe by fire officials shall not be allowed and will be extinguished.
  • All recreational fires must be constantly attended and supervised by an adult until the fire is extinguished. Any fire discovered not maintained and supervised by an adult shall be extinguished, and the property upon which the fire has been maintained shall be specifically assessed at the cost of such extinguishment.
  • A fire extinguisher or a garden hose must be available for immediate use.
  • The only components allowed to be burned are clean and dry small branches and split logs. It is strictly prohibited to burn rubbish, railroad ties, tires, plastics, grass, leaves, garbage material or other debris.
  • All fires shall be maintained so as not to become a nuisance by producing excess smoke which injures or disturbs the use and enjoyment of a neighboring property. Any complaints in regard to smoke or odor from a neighbor shall result in the extinguishment of the fire.
  • Be a good neighbor and don’t use a recreational fire on breezy days that will spread the smoke through the neighborhood.
  • Recreational fires are banned when the fire index is at a very high or extreme level and any time during a red flag warning